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One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

One and Only Gorilla's Nest

Surrounded by swaying eucalyptus trees and misty mountains, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is located 120 kilometres northwest of capital Kigali, and is cushioned in the foothills of the Volcanoes National Park on the edge of the spectacular Virunga Mountains.

Known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda is characterised by hilly and mountainous terrain. The country is 1,000m above sea level on average and never goes down to sea level. The surrounding park is home to five of the eight volcanoes of the Virunga Mountains and is a vast playground, with 160km2 of rainforest and bamboo.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Overview

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is accessible by a 2.5 hour scenic drive from Kigali International Airport. Cruising in a luxury SUV, your heart will be captivated by the rolling vistas and local communities that pass by. Guests can also opt to make a dramatic entrance in your own chartered helicopter that will take you to this magical haven within 25 minutes.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Pool
From the moment you arrive in this ever-growing garden, embraced by broad volcanic mountains, you'll be captivated by vibrant birdsong, butterflies and the sound of Rwanda. Then retreat to your own world, a spectacular chic haven, where the call of the trees beyond pulls you to adventure.
Striking architectural designs inspired by Rwanda's natural beauty accompanies the open space that invites you to step outside to soak up the sounds of the wilderness and watch rare birds dart overhead.


One and Only Gorilla's Nest accommodation

Ensconced amongst beautiful lush landscapes, float seamlessly between intimate indoor and outdoor spaces that One&Only Gorilla’s Nest offers; an initimate collection of 21 jungle chic havens providing you with deliciously clean air, sights of swaying eucalyptus trees and spellbinding volcanic surroundings.

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Forest King Lodge

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Forest King Lodge

Experience an undisturbed connection with the vast forest beyond in this luxurious lodge. The One&Only Gorilla’s Nest Forest King Lodge measures 77 sqm and can accommodate 2 adults. Lounge in your luxurious king size bed alongside the soothing crackle of a picturesque fireplace, in this idyllic and heartwarming space.

Spend an utterly blissful time relaxing in the standalone bathtub that provides undisturbed private views of graceful verdant landscape.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Forest King Lodge

Step out to the secluded open-air viewing deck where the scents and sounds of nature embrace you. Be it unwinding in the peace of this forest balcony or sharing a rose-infused gin by the fireplace, an enchanting stay is promised in this Forest King Lodge.


Two-Bedroom Forest Lodge

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Two Bedroom Forest King Lodge

Feel the magical air of Virunga in this two-bedroom garden haven encircled by undisturbed rainforest and magnificent horizon. The One&Only Gorilla’s Nest Two-Bedroom Forest Lodge measures 87 sqm and can lodge 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Two Bedroom Forest King Lodge

Separate bedrooms provides blissful privacy for all with one king bed master room and a second convertible twin or king bedroom. A furnished outdoor viewing deck offers a tranquil spot for all, to marvel at the theatre of nature set.

A large central bathroom features a spectacular standalone bathtub with personal views of the sprawling forests beyond. Observe the changing colours of the natural world as day turns to dusk.

This magnificent lodge is the perfect retreat to forge cherished memories with your family. Whether it be gathering on the private viewing deck outside or sharing stories around the cosy fireplace indoors, a beautiful stay awaits you and your family.


Virunga Suite

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Virunga Suite

Indulge in an atmospheric light-filled forest retreat of vibrant and textured colours. The resplendent One&Only Gorilla’s Nest Virunga Suite is generously sized at 147 sqm, accommodating 2 adults. Aiming to have all your desires met, The Virunga Suite comes with a resident chef and butler that are always ready on call, completing your ultimate luxurious stay.

Celebrating local craft, the warm interiors are brought to life through vibrant colours, rich timbers and geometric shapes and patterns of the Imigongo traditional art, unique to Rwanda. The cosy grandeur of this suite will surround you with a calming energy, set by the warm and peaceful atmosphere of the crackling fireplace.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Virunga Suite

This suite features an ultra spacious king bedroom, completed with a luxurious king size bed, a grand master bathroom and mesmerising views.

Retreat to your resplendent bathroom which features elaborate African deco, and an open-air bathtub that entices you to immerse completely in the natural elements of your surroundings.

Soak up the wholesome beauty of the tranquil rainforest as you bathe in the open-air bathtub, lounge at the spacious deck, or dine al fresco with your loved ones. The private deck offers extended vast outdoor spaces suspended above bountiful gardens, where an open-air bathtub entices you to immerse completely in the natural elements of your surroundings.


Ingagi Suite

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Ingagi Suite

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest Ingagi Suite is a one-bedroom suite characterised by its expansive living and dining space as well as an elongated viewing deck. Spaciously sized at 251 sqm, it accommodates 2 adults and features a striking master bedroom with king size bed, a master bathroom, outdoor showers and a charming fireplace.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Ingagi Suite

Retreat into your master bathroom with a standalone bathtub to enjoy the natural views as you please. This suite offers plenty of room across large living spaces, allowing a family to gather comfortably.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Ingagi Suite

Marvel at the rare beauty that surrounds you while lounging on the spacious deck or dining in the fresh forest air. This is the perfect setting for your post-adventure relaxation.

With a dramatic natural backdrop, the Ingagi Suite is designed for the wild at heart. Feel at ease in spaces that provides complete solitude,

such as the private outdoor deck that gaze straight into the eyes of the forest beyond.

Meanwhile, have all your desires met at any time, by a resident chef and butler that are always on call, for your perfect luxury vacation.


Silverback Suite

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Silverback Suite

The Silverback Suite is tucked amongst lush greeneries for the ultimate privacy, with astounding views of the Pyrethrum farmland, lush shambas and eucalyptus forest. This magnificent suite measures 402 sqm and accommodates 2 adults. Explore large interiors and expansive multi-level spaces with private swimming pool, lounge and barbecue dining terrace that connect you with the volcanic lands beyond.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Silverback Suite Pool

A richly adorned master bedroom showcase a spectacular private bathroom while an expansive multi-level terrace unfolds your private Al Fresco space. Sip aperitifs on the open-air lounge or savour fresh grills on the barbecue terrace whilst huddling around a cosy firepit.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Silverback Suite Pool

Reaching out towards the greenery, take a refreshing dip in your private pool or simply relax by the pool and enjoy a quiet moment with nature. Overlooking dramatic mist, swaying trees and vibrant roses; this boundless hideaway is sure to leave you in awe and utter contentment.



Experience a unique forest dining affair with fresh seasonal cuisine inspired by the colours, scents and textures of the surrounding land. A bountiful chef’s garden, local farmers and team of passionate chefs create dishes that are succulent and mouthwatering, leaving you always craving for more.

Discover the resort’s signature ingredient – the rose petal. One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is surrounded by flourishing rose bushes and these petals are infused in bespoke cocktails, refreshing lemonades, and teas.


The Nest

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Restaurant The Nest

The Nest is the social heart of One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. Here, you can enjoy a quiet early morning coffee or revel in a romantic evening meal; with sensational cuisines that is in complete harmony with the natural greens.

With menus that change daily, enjoy the excitement of not knowing what to expect. Selected with care and attention, every ingredient nurtures a sublime culinary creation in order to delight your taste buds.


Nest Bar

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Restaurant The Nest Bar

Nest Bar welcomes you to a warm and zestful environment, the perfect setting to share your stories after a day of activity. Indulge in signature cocktail drinks crafted by the resort's resident mixologists, letting you appreciate the finer things of life.

Feel connected to your surroundings with refreshing lemonades, cocktails and teas infused with rose petals that are grown in the resort's exquisite garden.


Spa and Wellness

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Spa

Nestled in the foothills of volcanoes, swathed in eucalyptus and exotic jungle flora, this unique spa getaway allows you to refresh, reflect, and renew your inner energy through nature at its purest. Whether you wish to enhance your healthy lifestyle or delve into a new world of spiritual and physical development, a wealth of treatments and experiences awaits you.

Drawing on ancient tribal remedies and potent homegrown botanicals, this transcending spa works in partnership with esteemed skincare expert, Terres D’Afrique, to blend African wisdom with modern science. This results in a rich, sensorial experiences that maximises physical benefits.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Spa Yoga

"There’s no better place to practice wellness than a place where you feel truly at one nature."

One&Only Gorilla's Nest is the perfect location to retreat and rejuvenate as you feel truly at one with nature. Discover your inner joy as you recharge, healing and nourishing your soul.



One and Only Gorilla's Nest Volcanoes National Park

Broad volcanic mountains of Rwanda paints some of the most beautiful landscape and ; this is an environment that awakens a vibrant energy within you. At One&Only Gorilla's Nest, they have crafted a set of experiences that write adventure-rich stories - taking walks in nature; cycling through the forest and dramatic volcanic sight rare birds discovering ancient caves.

One and Only Gorilla's Nest Volcanoes National Park
Carved through dramatic vistas sits Volcanoes National Park - a protected home for a diverse tapestry of wildlife including mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and over 300 bird species. An awe-inspiring landscape protected by the love and passion of local communities.
One and Only Gorilla's Nest Volcanoes National Park
Hiking through misty bamboo forest you’ll track endangered mountain gorillas who roam in this habitat and languish in their troops. It is an encounter that will stay with you forever.

The Mountain Gorillas of Volcanoes National Park move freely but their experienced gorilla trekkers know their movements and behaviors like an extended family. With 12 habituated gorilla families in the Volcanoes National Park, this is a humbling, life changing experience. Once you’ve found your allocated family, spend an hour observing their behaviours and interactions, as if they were your extended family.

For the adventurous, venture up Mt. Bisoke, which at 3711m, for a challenging hike satisfied by magical views overlooking the beautiful crater lake. Passing through various vegetation zones, this is a magical haven filled with unique sights that are bound to stay with you for life.


Rwanda’s Cultural Heart

Feel warmed as you listen to the sounds of the drummer’s beat and the rhythms, dances, stories and poetry of the neighbouring community, themed around various traditional songs and instruments. Hosted by local talent, these interactive performances provide invaluable support for the local community to continue cultural arts and inspire younger generations to learn traditions.

By the warmth of the fire, join the unique beat of Rwanda. Led by a local drummer, beat the drums to your heart’s content in an intimate and relaxed environment. Professionals and beginners drum together, fire dancers move to the beat and everyone becomes part of the entertainment.

Experience the heart & soul of Rwanda - From thrilling outdoor pursuits in the National Park, to unique cultural insights and wellness experiences, One&Only Gorilla's Nest curates the most inspiring things to do in Rwanda.

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