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Six Senses Bhutan

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Inspired by Bhutanese farmhouse architecture, the design incorporates local stone and hand-hewn timber. Just like Amankora, Six Senses Bhutan is comprised of five lodges spread over the west and central valleys of the remote Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan. The lodges vary in style across the different lodges to showcase and enhance the personalities of the different regions.

It offers guests a unique adventure with uplifting experiences at every turn; from sunrise meditations and holistic spa treatments to private astrology readings and butter lamp lighting ceremonies to incredible hikes and treks through pristine forests, the aim is to leave all guests enriched and reconnected.

The lodges seamlessly combine the brand’s commitment to wellness, sustainability and out-of-the-ordinary experiences with the country’s rich culture, warm hospitality and omni-present spirituality

With a collection of five boutique lodges set in the western and central valleys of Bhutan, each with its own character, environment and experiences.


Six Senses Paro Lodge

Arguably the Six Senses lodge in Bhutan, Six Senses Paro provides an unparalleled view to its surrounding Paro Valley, revealing its expansive and beautiful mountain views.

Perched at an altitude of 2,250m, Six Senses Paro is designed with large windows, allowing guests to gaze at the mesmerizing view.

Neutral, relaxing tones are complemented by the simple lines of natural timber furniture and the presence of local touches such as bukharis (traditional wood-burning stoves) and vegetable-dyed, antique-washed Himalayan rugs.

Built in the midst of old stone ruins, charming interiors of hewn stone walls and working fireplaces will contrast mid-tone vertical timbers. The property offers 16 suites, two one-bedroom villas, one two-bedroom villa, and one three-bedroom villa that is perfect for families

Six Senses Paro is easily accessible from Paro International Airport with a half-hour drive alongside the pretty Pachu River.

Recommended Paro experience:

1. Take a 2-3 hour hike with steep uphills to the famous Tiger Nest. Perched atop a hill, this Buddhist monastery clings to a granite cliff more than 3,000 metres above sea level and is a must-see for all tourists.
2. There are plenty of mountain biking trails, which is an excellent way to explore ruins and monasteries inaccessible by foot. Snowman Trek, is a legendary trek known to be toughest in the Himalaya, undertaken by only a handful of trekkers each season. It extends over 5,400 meter, crossing nine different passes and camps at high altitudes.
3. For adventure seekers, try rafting and kayaking at the lower Paro Chhu River which stretches for about seven kilometres. If you're a beginner, you can start with rafting the Mo Chhu river instead.
Source: TravelTourXP

Six Senses Thimphu

the largest Six Senses lodge in Bhutan, located in its capital Thimphu with 20 suites and 5 villas ranging from one to three bedrooms.

Situated atop a hill, its architectural style is deeply inspired by the traditional Bhutanese dzongs (fortress).

Over here, look across the Thimphu Valley to see an awe-inspiring view of the world's tallest seated Buddha at 52 meters!

The spacious suites here are designed in soft tones and simple lines, featuring Bukhari (traditional wood-burning stoves).

With floor-to-ceiling windows, you can wind down in your own private outdoor deck and enjoy striking views over the mountains and Thimphu Valley, relishing in the views of blue pine forests and apple orchards.

The location provides a perfect escape from the capital and yet is close enough to explore its many attractions.

Recommended Thimphu experience:

1. Visit Bhutanese craftsmen such as Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory to learn about the woodblock printing that they have inherited from generation to generation.
2. Explore Pangri Zampa Monastery, also an astrological school, built in the 16th century.
3. Visit the Dochula Pass, a mountain pass in the snow covered Himalayas within Bhutan on the road from Thimpu to Punakha. On the site, you will find 108 chortens that were built in the memory of martyrs who fought against the 2003 insurgent.

Six Senses Punakha

situated in the old capital of Bhutan, Punakha. Over there lies the lowest canyon in Bhutan with an average altitude of 1,300 meters.

The resulting mild climate contributes to the plentiful flower blooms with sights of lush, rice fields.

The lodges here takes on a more rustic rural feel complementing the warmer climate of its surroundings.

With expansive indoor and outdoor space, each suite presents sweeping views of the valley filled with rice paddy fields and dotted with traditional farmhouses.

Large windows and a private outdoor deck offer uninterrupted scenes of rice paddy fields and lush flora. Neutral, relaxing tones are complemented by natural timber furniture and local features

Recommended Punakha experience:

1. From your Six Senses lodge, take an easy bike ride to Punakha Dzong. This was the site of the 2011 Royal Wedding. Thereafter, take a 20-minute walk across the famous steel suspension bridge lined with prayer flags blowing gently in the breeze.
2. Experience a once in a lifetime Mo Chhu river rafting and take in the marvelous view of Punakha and the Punkha Dzong by paddling alongside it
Source: whitewaterguidebook

Six Senses Gantey

Moving east from Punakha, you will find Six Senses Gantey that is located in the rural Gantey area within the Gantey Valley, which is a quaint and charming area in central Bhutan.

Opened in October 2019, this new addition is a prime perch that sits at an elevation of 9,843 feet (3,000 meters) and offers unobstructed, 180-degree views of the cranes’ nesting grounds and valley below.

There are a total of eight suites, each with a valley-facing, panoramic and private outdoor balcony equipped with daybeds as well as binoculars for bird watching.

Inspired by Bhutanese farmhouse architecture, the design incorporates local stone and hand-hewn timber. Bukhari stoves and locally-woven throws add extra warmth to the star-filled nights.

Get cozy with the natural palette of earth tones and warm fabrics; comfy leather armchairs and footstools invite guests to unwind after days spent trekking and exploring.

The unique bird-watching bridge can be said to be one of the characteristics of Gangtey lodge. The bridge is made of local stone, with wide wooden framed windows for guests to admire birds up close, as well as the charming scenery of black-necked cranes roaming freely while living in winter.

Recommended Gangtey experience

1. The lodge is just a few steps away from the Royal Wild Black-necked Cranes Conservation Association Visitor Center, so strolling to explore the black-necked cranes becomes an indispensable experience.

Six Senses Bumthang

Hidden in a pine forest, Six Senses Bumthang is the latest addition to Six Senses collection of boutique lodge.

Set within a lush green forest, the hotel ’s wide floor-to-ceiling windows allow the outdoor scenery to be like a natural background wall, forming part of the indoor experience. Renewable wooden table lamp stand and other furniture amplify the natural colours and bring out the poetic landscape.

Upon its opening date in the near future, it will offers eight spacious suites.


All Six Senses Bhutan suites and villas are thoughtfully designed to immerse travelers in the natural beauty and culture of the Kingdom, ensuring that you'll have an unforgettable holiday experience.


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